Echo and Feedback Cancellation


In-person Peers may experience problems with echo and feedback during calls. Echo is the sound of one's own voice being played back to them, while feedback is a high-pitched noise that is caused by multiple microphones and speakers feeding into each other.

The default settings for both have been optimized for meeting rooms of all sizes, small (3-4 people) and large (around 50 people). Before trying these methods, first make sure you’ve setup:

Echo cancellation

Automatically applies the best known settings to cancel echos from devices. We continuously update our settings with the latest known devices. Echo cancellation settings can only be applied before a meeting a joined.

Feedback (howling) cancellation

Automatically cancels acoustic feedback loops (known as howling) that is caused by multiple in-person microphones and speakers feeding into each other. This creates the shrill, high-pitch noise known as howling commonly experienced in hybrid calls. Feedback cancellation requires playback sync (see ‘Multi-device Playback Synchronization').

This section is under development and will be available soon.