Echo and Feedback Cancellation


In-person Peers may experience problems with echo and feedback during calls. Echo is the sound of one's own voice being played back to them, while feedback is a high-pitched noise that is caused by multiple microphones and speakers feeding into each other.

The default settings for both have been optimized for meeting rooms of all sizes, small (3-4 people) and large (around 50 people). Before trying these methods, first make sure you’ve setup:

Echo Cancellation With All Speakers On

By default, under optimal network conditions Between will enable all speakers and mics in the room to be on without any echo. As of right now, this feature is only available on Chromium browsers.

Echo Cancellation With One Speaker

If network conditions are not optimal, Between will default to choosing one speaker and one microphone in the room for audio. The muting/unmuting is taken care of and there will still be no echo or feedback.


Sometimes, networks switch between optimal and non-optimal. This switch may cause some echo for a brief period of time (1-2s), we are working actively to solve this.

Echo Cancellation With All Mics On will soon be available on all network conditions, not just optimal ones.