Natural Hybrid Meetings with No Audio Disruptions

A communications platform for hybrid-remote meetings that engages everyone, whether they’re at home or in office.

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Why Hybrid Meetings Fail...

Because of the complex audio and social challenges of traditional hybrid meetings, remote members tend to feel like second class citizens.

Echoing issues frustrate participants.

Remote members struggle to hear those in the room.

Side conversations are impossible.

Communicate And Collaborate With Ease.

No more awkward breakouts. Naturally move between conversations in your OKRs, brainstorming sessions, design sprints, etc.


The echo cancellation really cleans up the audio, and the ability to break out is a fun way to discuss things.

Chief Executive Officer

Fun and super user friendly, right away someone would understand it!

Project Manager

I really like having the flexibility of communicating together, but also be able to break out into smaller groups.

VP Operations

Great Meetings Happen When Everyone Is Properly Heard

Between’s patent-pending spatial audio technology ensures everyone is engaged, involved, and productive.

Proprietary Technology

No Audio Disruptions. Ever.

Advanced Echo Cancelling

Between cancels out echo caused by being in the same room together.

Spatial Audio Mapping

Spatial audio allows you to have side conversations in hybrid.

Enhanced Audio

Synchronized audio delivers a surround sound experience.

Backed by Visionaries

Meet the organizations & people that have advised and invested in us.

Drew Green

CEO of Indochino

David Siegel

CEO of Meetup

Nikita Iliushkin

CEO of Skygauge

Katelyn Donnelly

GP of Avalanche VC

Kumar Erramilli


Coming Soon

Between for Developers

Echo Suppression SDK

Q4 2022

Spatial Audio API

Q2 2023

Mixed Reality SDK

Q4 2023

Echo Suppression SDK

Q4 2022

Spatial Audio API

Q2 2023

Mixed Reality SDK

Q4 2023