Get started with Between


This is a quick start guide that will help you start building a basic Javascript videoconferencing application with movement based volume with Between Conferencing API. Between's API is based on SFU architecture. As of now, Between only works on Javascript web and native applications. Support for other languages is coming soon.
Please checkout Basic Concepts to understand concepts like Peer, Conference, etc.


How To Get Started

If you have signed up for Between, you should have received an email with a repo, with those instructions, run this command. This will install all necessary dependancies as well.

npm install between-api

Using Between

Between allows you to create a video call in just a couple of steps using only a front-end client framework, no other API calls needed.

import { Conference } from 'between-api'

let conf = new Conference()
conf.joinCall(customCallId, customUserData)

It's as easy as that! Between uses simple events to keep the session up to date on the client-end throughout the lifetime of the conference.

You're now ready to create your first video calling application with Between!
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