Noise Suppression


Noise suppression is a feature that blocks distracting noises for your Peers, such as keyboard clicks, barking dogs, and loud music. It works on the client end and has minimal effects on latency.


Currently the audio output can only be set on Chromium based browsers, this functionality is in beta in other browsers and as support comes from individual browsers it will be updated.

// can be any of 'none' | 'min' | 'mid' | 'max'

// set this before starting session
// then start the call
try {
  await conf.startCall()
} catch (error) {
  console.log('error', error)

The setSupressionLevel method accepts one of the following values: 'none', 'min', 'mid', or 'max'. The value determines the strength of the noise suppression. It is recommended to set the suppression level before starting the call.