Microphone Switching


Microphone switching is a feature that allows remote Peers to listen to the microphones of in-person Peers during hybrid calls. This is useful for helping remote participants hear everyone in the same room.

You must first implement Location Detection in order to switch microphones of in-person Peers. Microphone switching is necessary to minimize audio distortions such as echoes and feedback.

Manual Microphone Switching

With manual microphone switching, remote Peers can choose which in-person microphone they want to listen to. Additional features such as key binding and clicking on video tiles allow Peers to quickly switch between microphones. It is also possible to enable remote Peers to manually switch microphones for all remote Peers or for select individuals.

Automatic Microphone Switching

Automatic microphone switching automatically switches to the dominant speaker based on the highest gain across all of the in-person Peers' microphones.

This section is under development and will be available soon.