Microphone Switching


The Between API provides 2 ways for allowing offsite users to clearly hear onsite users.

You must first implement Location Detection in order to switch microphones of onsite peers. Microphone switching helps people calling remotely hear people in the room clearly.

All Microphones On

If the network environment is ideal, all mics on will be enabled by default. This is a more seamless experience for everyone.

We are actively working to make sure this runs properly on all network conditions.

Microphone Switching

With microphone switching, remote peers can choose which onsite microphone they want to listen to. We reccomend implementing features such as key binding and clicking on video tiles allow offsite peers to quickly switch between microphones.

Here's a sample below on how to handle mic switching and selection.

let conf = new Conference(apiKey, customCallId, customUserData)

let onsiteMicrophones = []
conf.on('onsiteMicrophonesUpdated', (peerIds: string[])) => {
    // a list of peerIds that are onsite and available to use as a mic
    onsiteMicrophones = peerIds

// called from your mic selection UI
setNewMic(peerId: string) => { 
    // set the new mic for the conference
    // this can be called by any user or limited to a host/moderator depending on your use case

Coming soon: Automatic Microphone Switching

Automatic microphone switching automatically switches to the dominant peer across all of the onsite peers' microphones.

Automatic microphone switching is under development and will be available soon.