Location Detection


Location detection is a feature that allows you to determine whether Peers are in the same room or in different locations. This is useful for enabling features such as microphone switching and creating a seamless hybrid calling experience for both in-person and remote Peers.

There are two methods of location detection: manual and automatic.

Manual Location Detection

With manual location detection, Peers can choose to indicate whether they are in-person or remote. In cases where there are multiple in-person Peers in different locations, Between allows you to sort them into separate groups.

You can use the Conference object to set location to onsite or offsite

let conf = new Conference(apiKey, customCallId, customUserData)
// type is a string that can be 'offsite' or 'onsite'
conf.setLocationType(type: LocationType)

By default, set the type to `offsite` unless you have multiple devices in the same room for the call.

Coming soon: Automatic Location Detection

Automatic location detection automatically detects and labels whether a Peer is in-person or remote, and also groups Peers across different offices or co-locations (e.g., 3 remote Peers, 2 in-person Peers in location 'A', 5 in-person Peers in location 'B').

Automatic location detection is under development and will be available soon.