Hybrid-Remote Calls Where Everyone is Clearly Heard.

Between is a hybrid-remote meeting app that helps leaders engage everyone, whether they're at home or in-office.





  Without Between

Echoes and audio issues interrupt the flow of the meeting.

No More Muting. No More Echoes.

Between cancels out any echoing that happens when multiple laptops share the same room.

No More Muting. No More Echoes.

Between cancels out any echoing that happens when multiple laptops share the same room.

When Collaboration Matters

Between is a must have for any teams that want to collaborate effectively in a hybrid context.

Include Everyone In The Meeting

Don’t let your remote workers feel like second class citizens. Between's audio ensures everyone is clearly heard, whether at home or in the office.


Make Conversations More Human

No more awkward breakouts. Naturally move between conversations in a shared space.


Between is a great hybrid meeting solution. Usually when we have people both remote and in person we encounter both technical and social problems.

The echo cancellation really cleans up the audio for those in person, and the ability to break out using the cursor is a fun way to discuss things in smaller groups while still being a part of the whole. Between is tackling a big problem for teams like ours navigating the new work environment"

Antony Tran

Foundry Six
The Best Part

Between Only Needs Your Laptop. No Extra Hardware Necessary.

Advanced Echo Cancelling

Between's latency correction and proprietary signal processing cancels any echoes when laptops are in the same room.

More Presence for Remote

Instead of being tucked behind a TV, remote callers can hop around the conference room and talk to select or all in-person staff.

Enhanced Audio

When multiple laptop laptops share the same room, Between synchronizes their sound to deliver a enhanced audio experience.

Backed by Visionaries

Meet the organizations & people that have advised and invested in us.

David Siegel

CEO of Meetup

Drew Green

CEO of Indochino

Katelyn Donnelly

GP of Avalanche VC

Kumar Erramilli


Nikita Iliushkin

CEO of SkyGauge

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